Keeping Things Green

The Arboretum is a nationally important site, home to over 30,000 trees and 400 memorials that remember ordinary people through the most remarkable of times.


As an Arboretum, maintaining a green environment is something we care passionately about. We know we aren’t perfect yet, but as an organisation we:

  • Have solar panels supplementing our Remembrance Centre
  • Choose better materials; including ethically sourced, Fairtrade or FSC marked products wherever possible. This includes our buildings.
  • Use electric buggies on site, as well as an electric Land Train
  • Use PIR lighting to preserve electricity
  • Create habitats for wildlife including our wildlife meadow and bee hives.
  • Recycle grounds materials where possible to make pathways to dress garden

Plastic reduction in operation:

  • Where possible, all drinks are served with glassware
  • 100% compostable takeaway coffee cups and lids
  • Only paper straws are available
  • Onsite purification and carbonation of water, reducing plastic bottle usage and reducing distribution miles.
  • Our shop uses a range of recyclable paper wrapping and bags.


Planting in Heroes' Square