Woodland Landscape

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Visitors are advised that the Shot at Dawn Memorial is currently closed as it undergoes a full restoration, the Memorial will be closed until approximetly 21 June. 

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The Arboretum is a living growing tribute which contains more than 25,000 trees.

All of the native tree species found in the United Kingdom can be found at the Arboretum, including a number of disease-resistant Elms.

The Ulster Ash Grove

The first trees were planted at the Arboretum in 1997, they were funded using a grant from the National Forest. Many of the trees planted in our woodlands were selected due to their symbolic properties. Amongst many others you will see the following trees in our ground:

London Plane Trees

Owing to their association with London, this tree was selected to be planted along the Mall, the avenue for the Guards, which consists of plane trees alternating with cherry trees. You will also find London Plane Trees on The Beat.

Hornbeam Trees

You’ll find hornbeam trees in a number of locations at the Arboretum including in the Western Front Woodland. The only tree left in Delville Wood in the Somme area after the destruction caused be the shelling and fighting was a hornbeam tree.

Oak Trees

We have many different species of oak at the Arboretum, particularly in our naval areas due to their association with shipbuilding in years gone by. The Merchant Navy Convoy area consists entirely of so-called common oak.

Fruit Trees

In the BLESMA Garden you’ll find a varieties of fruit tree including apples.

Horse Chestnut

Along with London Plane trees you will also see Horse Chestnut trees along The Beat. They were chosen because the fist truncheons were made from this very durable wood. 

Specimen Trees

We have many specimen trees in our grounds. In the Far East Area for example you’ll find trees from China, Korea, Japan and Iran.

Two volunteers pick up leaves

Our trees and grounds are looked after by our dedicated Estates team who work throughout the seasons to ensure they look their best.

Image of acorns and oak leaves
The Ulster Ash Grove
Image of a woodland canopy

Our Woodlands

Lots of our trees have been dedicated to individuals and some of our woodlands remember specific groups of people. For example the Merchant Navy Convoy Wood remembers more than 46,000 British merchant seafarers and fishermen lost in conflict during the 20th century.


Other woodland areas in our grounds include:

  • Armed Services Wood
  • Celebration of Life Grove
  • Douglas Skene Grove
  • Irish Infantry Grove
  • Kingfisher Wood
  • Lichfield Wood
  • Mercian Wood
  • Millennium Wood
  • RAC Future Forests
  • Royal Air Force Wood
  • The Army Wood
  • The RoadPeace Wood
  • The Ulster Ash Grove
  • War Widows Wood


Members of our team are always happy to help visitors find individual dedications.