Thursday 7 July 2022

Armed Forces Memorial Closure


The Armed Forces Memorial will be closed between 10am and 1pm on Thursday 7 July for a private event. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

From books, jewellery, clothing and candles to tasty treats, poppy gifts and pocket money items you’ll find the perfect gift for everyone in our shop. 

All of the products you’ll find in our shop are linked to our memorials, wildlife or stories and will help to remind you of your visit to us. Where we possible we also offer products that are sourced from local suppliers.  

The stories we share are incredibly important and by purchasing products from our shop you’ll be keeping them alive, helping to support our work. Thank you. 

A number of our most popular products, including maps and guidebooks, can be purchased online. You can also purchase products over the phone by calling 01283 245 100. Please note postage charges will apply.
A selection of items from the Arboretum Shop

Opening Hours

Our shop, located in the Remembrance Centre, is open 10am to 5pm daily.

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You can purchase products from our Shop over the phone by calling 01283 245 100. Please note postage charges will apply.
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A variety of shop items available for purchase from the shop

The Ubique Military Collection


Open 7 days a week, 10am-4pm


Near to the Remembrance Centre you’ll find the Ubique Military Collection shop which offers one of the widest ranges of military memorabilia in the UK. The owners are committed to offering the highest quality products, most of which are produced in the UK, including a number of Ubique exclusives.


Ubique also offers a very popular medals service which includes sales, mounting and framing.


To speak to the Ubique team please call 07783 051 246.