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Visitors are advised that the Shot at Dawn Memorial is currently closed as it undergoes a full restoration, the Memorial will be closed until approximetly 21 June. 

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As stories go, the Arboretum’s is pretty inspiring! Built on land that had been used for gravel extraction, everything that you see in our grounds has been created over the past twenty years thanks to the support of thousands of individuals and organisations.

We are the UK’s year-round place to remember, and we exist to provide a space where everyone can celebrate lives lived and commemorate lives lost.

Our grounds are expansive, covering around 150-acres, and are made up of woodlands and gardens. Placed within the grounds are more than 400 memorials, each with an amazing story to tell. The designs of many of the memorials feature symbolism that can be used to help understand the stories of those remembered.  

Although lots of the memorials at the Arboretum are connected to military organisations there are also memorials in our grounds for the emergency services and for other charitable organisations who provide invaluable service to our country. Our site also features over 25,000 trees, many of which remember individuals or organisations, with the species of a tree often selected for symbolic purposes. You can find a full list of our memorials on the List of Memorials page. 

The Ulster Ash Wood


Filming at the Arboretum

We are happy to help journalists, broadcasters and filmmakers bring the personal stories behind our memorials to life and welcome people to use our site as a recording location by prearrangement.

In the past, our grounds and memorials have been used as the location for large broadcasts, documentaries and films. Where possible, to help with our resourcing and scheduling, we ask for at least one weeks’ notice of your filming request. For more complex and large-scale operations further notice will be required.

If it is likely that on-site filming may disrupt our daily operation, or cause inconvenience to our visitors, we may refuse a request for filming.

No filming should take place at the Arboretum for commercial gain unless permission has been provided. If the proposed use is in respect of anything other than a factual report or broadcast, a location fee may be charged at our discretion. As a charity, all the money generated will be used to grow and develop our site.

Drone photography/filming completed by members of the public is not permitted at the Arboretum. Drone photography/filming may be completed by broadcasters, by licensed and insured operators, during select hours. A copy of the drone operator’s licence, insurance policy and a method statement detailing flight plans must be supplied in advance for approval.

Commercial Photography

The Arboretum’s image library shows the growth of the grounds over the past twenty years and features many thousands of images.  Images for editorial use can be requested free of charge using the details below.

We do not permit commercial photography to take place onsite  without permission. Requests for images to be used in commercial products e.g. books can be made, however, a charge for their use will be requested.


Visitor Photography and Filming

We encourage visitors to take photographs and recordings of their visit to the Arboretum for their private use. No visitors, however, should record images for commercial gain, unless permission has been previously given.

Media Contacts

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For comment interviews and other enquiries

Chris Rowland

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For press / editorial image requests

Chris Rowland

For all commercial image requests