Woodland Landscape

Visitors to the National Memorial Arboretum can see and learn about a wide variety of trees. Although still a ‘young’ Arboretum, there are already about 30,000 trees in the grounds which are growing rapidly into a unique living tribute.

Both British native species and specimen trees can be found amongst our 30,000 plus trees within the Arboretum. In specific areas of our site, trees from temperate regions from around the world can be found; for instance, in our Far East area you will find examples of dogwood and tulip trees, whilst in our Mediterranean Campaigns area you will discover cork oaks and black pines.

Dawn Redwoods can be found behind the British Korean Veterans memorial. These magnificent trees, identified as a ‘living fossil’ in 1941, once blanketed the entire Northern Hemisphere and were thought to be extinct by Western botanists until their rediscovery in 1941 in the Szechuan Province of China.

Our police tribute 'The Beat' is an avenue of London plane trees and some Horse Chestnuts, funded by every Police Force in the UK. Chestnuts were chosen because the first truncheons were made from this extremely durable wood.

Many of our trees have been dedicated to an individual and specific woodlands exist in memory of the Merchant Navy, victims of road accidents and for children remembered by parents and family.

Our trees are planted to enhance the symbolism found across the Arboretum. Everything is planned and considered and these living memorials create a tranquillity and sense of peace across the 150-acre site.