Transfer of Tree Dedication Plaques

There will be some changes to dedication plaque locations as a result of landscaping for the National Police Memorial. 

The National Memorial Arboretum continues to welcome new memorials to its 150-acre grounds and work will start on ‘Lit by Gilded Absence’ – the new National Police Memorial – in Spring 2020.

In looking to accommodate new memorials within a finite space, as part of our landscape master plan, we sometimes make changes to the location of memorials and tree dedication plaques. In doing so, our vision is to improve the layout and flow of the Arboretum, opening up both new lines of sight and iconic focal points, which will create interest and draw increasing numbers of visitors deep into our fascinating woodlands.

Any such change is undertaken with the greatest sensitivity and every effort is made to liaise with people who have placed dedication plaques.

We wish to have the chance to explain the changes and why they are in the best interests of the Arboretum as a whole and the many individuals and organisations that are represented here. As a result of the placing of the National Police Memorial, some dedication plaques in this area will have to move to a different tree, but in a nearby location.

In allocating a different tree, we will be as diligent and apply the same care as we do when a tree dies or has to be removed due to essential thinning or maintenance. While we recognise that moving plaques is far from ideal, we hope you understand that the future development of the Arboretum would be impossible otherwise. We take our roles as guardians of remembrance seriously and believe that these changes are important for the overall good of the site.

Should you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact us on 01283 245100 or at We will be pleased to speak with you and further explain the rationale and the proposed timings for this latest development.