Tea For II VE Day Teapot Amnesty

Until 29 February 2020

As part of our VE Day 75 Vintage Fair we will be providing visitors with a tea party zone where they can enjoy refreshments and watch some of the day’s events.

To link in with our Tea For II exhibition and to ensure tea rations are plentiful on the day, we are inviting teapot donations for the event.


Until 29 February, visitors can donate a preloved teapot to us in exchange for a free cup of tea (or coffee) in our restaurant. We welcome teapots in good, useable condition. Teapots will be used across the weekend of 8 – 10 May, either as dressing/ props or for tea pouring (unfortunately we are not able to return teapots afterwards).

Teapots should be handed over at our main reception where a drinks voucher will be provided in exchange.