VJ-Day 75 Service of Remembrance

In 2020, in partnership with The Royal British Legion, we will be asking the Nation to remember the impact that leaving, missing and returning home has on service men and women & their loved ones – then and now. The commemorations for both VE and VJ Day will illustrate the scale of the service and sacrifice made by the men and women of the Second World War generation.

The UK’s VJ Day national event will take place at the National Memorial Arboretum on Saturday 15 August. The event will form part of a three day public programme of events.

The Royal British Legion will provide a three day fully funded transport and hotel programme for all VJ Day veterans and war widows wishing to attend the service at the Arboretum. Accommodation and travel for a travelling companion will also be funded by the Legion in already allocated LIBOR funds . Descendants of veterans are also welcome to join on a self-funding basis.

VJ Day was a culmination of many Commonwealth countries serving together, and therefore The Royal British Legion will gladly welcome applications from those who fought for the Crown during World War II.

Further details about our VJ Day events and the VJ Day service being held in our grounds, which will be open to the public, will be released in the new year.

Overseas Campaign Tours
The Royal British Legion, in partnership with the CWGC and RCEL, we will also be funding the travel and accommodation costs for a series of tours for veterans of the Asia-Pacific campaign, as defined below, to key commemorative, and Commonwealth War Graves Commission, sites across South and South East Asia.

As part of this package travel and accommodation will also be provided for a nominated companion to accompany each veteran, and a comprehensive Legion care support group will be in place throughout the event programme to support veterans.

This ambitious programme of activity has been developed with the kind support of a broad range of related UK veteran associations.

Those who The Royal British Legion defines as VJ Day veterans is as follows;

• All British service personnel who served in any capacity in any campaign or theatre in the Asia-Pacific campaign (the Asia-Pacific campaign we define as running from all Asian nations and territories from Iran in the west and covering the entirety of islands, nations and territories across the Indian and Pacific oceans)
• All those who were interned or imprisoned and treated as combatants by Axis forces across the Asia-Pacific theatre during the war
These tours are taking place in countries where there isn’t always the same level of medical support as the UK, therefore the Legion will be ensuring that all participants are fit to travel prior to confirming a place.

The Royal British Legion will be offering veterans the chance to attend tours to one of the following destinations;
• Kohima, North East India (details/itineraries here)
• Myanmar (details/itineraries here)
• Singapore/Thailand(details/itineraries here)
• To find out more about the three day National Memorial Arboretum and Overseas Campaign Tours please visit The Royal British Legion’s website



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Full details will be released about the event in the new year.
National Memorial Arboretum