A Spotlight On: Army LGBT+ Inclusion - A Trans Perspective

Join Major Kirsty Logan for a talk on her experience of being a transgender woman in the British Army, and the way the increased awareness of transgender service has fostered greater LGBT+ tolerance and acceptance. 


Major Kirsty Logan

Major Kirsty Logan was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1977 and served in the Regular Army until 1993, deploying operationally to Northern Ireland and to UNPROFOR in the Former Yugoslavia.  Joining the reserves in 1993, Major Logan was mobilised and deployed to Bosnia for 2 years from December 1995 as a Military Liaison Officer, ultimately to the British Ambassador, within NATO’s Implementation Force and subsequently Stabilisation Force in the wake of the Dayton Peace Agreement. 

After decades of struggling with gender identity, Major Logan finally came out as a transgender woman in 2014.  Transitioning in 2015, in her civilian job she helped reshape her company’s equality and diversity policies, with specific focus on the management and support of transgender employees.

As a National reservist, her primary role since 2000 was as Ground Liaison Officer to an RAF Support Helicopter Squadron, coincidentally at the same station where, in 2011, she became a civilian project manager in the aircrew training facility and the very station where, in 2000, she had first met and served alongside Flt Lt Caroline Paige, the first openly transgender officer in the British Military.  However, she has also been required to support a variety of not only British Army organisations but also work in multinational environments where she was not known, effectively having to ‘come out’ on every occasion.  Nevertheless, by doing so, her presence increased awareness of transgender service and fostered greater trans and more widely LGBT+ tolerance and acceptance. 

She has taken on the role of Transgender Representative within the Army LGBT+ Forum, where her seniority, age and lived experience has been exploited to the benefit of the Chain of Command, guiding through the practical implementation of Transgender Service Policy as well as to transgender individuals, especially Junior Ranks, by successfully navigating obstacles that are commonly associated with gender transition in a large organisation.

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