'Still Water' Memorial Dedicated to remember British Victims of Overseas Terrorism

17 May 2018

Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, today joined the family members of those killed by terrorist acts overseas to dedicate a new memorial 'Still Water', a national memorial which remembers the British Victims of Overseas Terrorism.

During a moving service to dedicate a new memorial called Still Water, the Rt Hon Tobias Elwood, who lost his own brother in the Bali bombing, said: "It is a tragic reality that, in a dangerous and complex world, innocent people are now killed, not by accident but deliberately targeted to promote a barbaric cause."

The Prince of Wales also spoke, reflecting on the loss and "indescribable pain" experienced by the families present, and on his own family tragedy, the death of his great uncle, Lord Mountbatten, and one of his godsons, who were murdered by terrorists in 1979.

The Prince said: "There are no words, however heartfelt, that can heal your wounds, and no memorial that can bring your loved ones back. And yet, it is more than grief that brings us all here today, and more than pain that unites us. In dedicating this memorial to the memory of those that have been killed in such monstrous acts of terrorism, we are remembering not only what we have all lost, but everything that we still hold dear. That the people of this country, irrespective of faith or belief, stand together, united in defiance of hate."

'Still Water', created by artist Alison Wilding and sculptor and maker, Adam Kershaw, invites visitors to the site to interpret and draw their own personal connection to the memorial.