2.5 millionth visitor welcomed at the Arboretum

16 October 2015

We were pleased to welcome our 2.5 millionth visitor since opening in 2001 on Wednesday 14th October.

Dr Claire Hubbard-Hall, a tutor from Bishops Grosseteste University (Lincoln) was visiting the Arboretum as part of her undergraduates’ war and commemoration module.

Claire was presented with a bottle of fizz by Sarah Montgomery, managing director. She also received a VIP tour of the Arboretum and a year’s free membership of the NMA Friends.

Claire said: “Having visited so regularly, it’s fantastic to now have the honour of being the 2.5 millionth person through the gate.  Bishops Grosseteste University in Lincoln arranges many visits for History and Theology students to the Arboretum and they are always in awe, both of the scale of the site and the meaning that’s woven through each of the many memorials and trees.” 

Sarah Montgomery said: “While the site saw a steady growth in visitor numbers during its first few years, the dedication of the Armed Forces Memorial in October 2007 resulted in a considerable increase in interest to the current level of around 300,000 visitors per annum. 

“Today provides a significant milestone and it illustrates the need for the new Remembrance Centre, which is currently being constructed.  Set to open at the end of next year, it will further improve the experience for visitors and help us to welcome up to 500,000 people every year.”