Tribute 100

Leading modern aviation artist David Bent’s personal response, celebrating the centenary of the Royal Air Force.

30 March - 30 June 2018

Free Entry, Donations Appreciated

The National Memorial Arboretum is delighted to be hosting an exhibition by leading modern aviation artist David Bent Hon CRAeS, featuring a new collection of work that is David’s personal response and tribute to 100 years of the Royal Air Force.

Over the past 18 years David’s pioneering approach has attracted widespread support, including amongst many members of the Royal Air Force and the wider aviation community. As the first artist in 30 years to be awarded Honorary Companionship of the Royal Aeronautical Society, he is recognised for his 'exceptional contribution in transforming aviation art with iconic paintings, bringing aviation, technology and art together to a completely new audience'.

The Royal Air Force Museum’s solo exhibition of David’s work entitled 'Fresh Air' led the then Senior Curator, Andrew Cormack to state that David 'brought an original eye and an unconstrained mind to the subject matter'. His Battle of Britain collection and Tessellations, inspired by Islamic principles of art and design inspired over 800 children to create their own art.

As an artist, David is inspired by the world around him, including the relationships between social issues, human design, technology and the natural world. This new exhibition is well worth a close look as with much of David’s work '…the more you look, the more you’ll see'.