Temporary Exhibitions

Our diverse programme of temporary exhibitions changes throughout the year. Our current exhibition programme includes:

Medals for the Future

Ceramicist Clare Twomey’s installation of porcelain medals is a lasting record of the historic Armistice centenary. A hundred medals rest upon wooden benches, a fragile memento of a moment when people gathered to remember.

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Be Part of Our Story

Discover some of the stories behind the people at the Arboretum and become part of our story in this exciting new exhibition.

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Mighty Oaks, Coiled Clay

The Arboretums clay soil, for which Staffordshire is world-famous, allows young trees to thrive. Mark Frith’s graphite illustrations offer a glimpse into the future of the trees at the Arboretum, and Charlotte Barker’s contemporary sculptures are shaped from materials which are at the heart of Staffordshire.

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Seventy-five years since the Normandy beach landings, this reflective exhibition is a tribute to those who were part of Operation Overlord in 1944.

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Colin Davidson: Silent Testimony

Silent Testimony is a powerful response which reflects on how the Troubles has had, and continues to have, a profound impact on thousands of individuals.

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