Mighty Oaks, Coiled Clay

By Mark Frith and Charlotte Barker

5 April - 23 June 2019

Free Entry, Donations Appreciated

Found at the corner of the National Forest, the National Memorial Arboretum cares for over 30,000 trees. Its clay soil, for which Staffordshire is world-famous, supports these young trees and allows them to thrive. Planted over the last two decades, and cared for by our team of arborists, the Arboretum’s infant trees are beginning a life that could span hundreds of years.

Mark Frith’s graphite illustrations of ancient oaks from around the UK offer a glimpse into the future of the trees at the Arboretum. The oaks featured, each of which has stood for hundreds of years, have grown from youthful saplings into ancient structures with an enduring beauty and power.

Charlotte Barker’s ceramic vessels, made from coils and slabs of clay, rest on low oak structures. Constructed from natural materials and using age-old processes, Barker’s contemporary sculptures are shaped from materials which are at the heart of Staffordshire and the Arboretum.