Landscapes of Life

Permanent exhibition

Free Entry, Donations Appreciated

Comprising a mixture of traditional interpretation and interactive exhibits, this permanent exhibition will allow you to discover a variety of moving and fascinating stories providing the perfect introduction to the Arboretum and its rich collection of memorials and wildlife. You can:

  • Surround yourself in the changing seasons in our 270 degree film drum as you travel through a year in the Arboretum, meeting a variety of fascinating people as you go.
  • Walk through our digital path of leaves, revealing the poppy field beneath.
  • Journey through a timeline of Remembrance.
  • See how World War I provided a watershed in how we remember and the importance in the advent of The Royal British Legion in its capacity as custodians of Remembrance.
  • Explore the symbolism in memorial design and learn how some of them came to be part of the National Memorial Arboretum.   
  • Design your own memorial landscape using a range of natural features, animals, symbols and trees. 
  • Share your story in our memory booth or simply let us know what you think about our very special site.