Be Part of Our Story

8 March – 27 May 2019 

Free Entry

The National Memorial Arboretum is based in the heart of the UK, both geographically and symbolically. It’s a place of reflection, recognition and hope.

We are here to tell your stories and ensure that they are shared for years to come. We have a snippet of some of the many tales associated with the Arboretum on display here in Gallery Three.

Discover some of the stories behind the people at the Arboretum and become part of our story in this exciting new exhibition.

Our aim is that we remain free to enter and a peaceful and beautiful place where we can celebrate lives lived and remember lives lost; a place where visitors of all ages can remember loved ones, learn about remembrance in all its guises and recognise the service and sacrifice our Armed Forces, Emergency Services and civilian organisations make and have made to the nation.

The Arboretum does not receive any core public funding and is reliant your support. Pop a pound or two into our money tree and help us keep these special stories alive.

"Everyone needs a special place to remember the happy times - this is ours" Lucy's Story