Due to a large-scale, private commemorative event, the Arboretum will be closed to visitors all day on Wednesday 14 August.
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this causes. Further information is available here.



Our diverse programme of exhibitions change throughout the year. Our current exhibition programme includes:

Landscapes of Life

Comprising a mixture of traditional interpretation and interactive exhibits, this permanent exhibition will allow you to discover a variety of moving and fascinating stories providing the perfect introduction to the Arboretum and its rich collection of memorials and wildlife.

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D-Day Vessels of Victory

Seventy five years since D-Day, we are remembering those who served by creating a growing artistic tribute, D-Day: Vessels of Victory.

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Colin Davidson: Silent Testimony

Silent Testimony is a powerful response which reflects on how the Troubles has had, and continues to have, a profound impact on thousands of individuals.

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Seventy-five years since the Normandy beach landings, this reflective exhibition is a tribute to those who were part of Operation Overlord in 1944.

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Tribute Ink

This exhibition will explore how tattoo art has become an important part of the Armed Forces community, and will tell some of the fascinating stories hidden in military tattoos.

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