The Market Square

Beside the Millennium Chapel a stone’s throw away from the Visitor Centre, you reach The market square.

Visitors can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, visit the Arboretum’s charity shop, or purchase a military model – bespoke to your requirement.

Visit The Market Square to find:

Coffee Garden
The Coffee Garden is set in a spacious area, overlooking the beautiful Arboretum. It provides fresh ground speciality coffees, a wide variety of teas and cold drinks, and delicious pastries.

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm (can be weather dependent)
Contact: Premier Mobile Catering or call 07947 240 505

Land Train
Explore the National Memorial Arboretum on the Land Train! With disabled access and weather proof carriages you can take a seat and at your leisure receive a friendly and informative guided tour around the Arboretum. The train stop is next to The market square.

Winter opening hours: Trains run every 30 minutes from 9.30am-3.30pm. For further information please visit Tours & Exhibitions.
Contact: or call 07737 618 724

The Ubique Military Collection
A memento of your service, a friend or a loved one. The ubique collection offers a comprehensive range of military and civilian service models and staff are on hand to advise and help you create the bespoke unique and personalised memento.

Opening hours: Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays and special mid week events. 9.30am-5pm (or dusk)
Contact: The Ubique Collection. or call 01922 627 812

Knick Knacks
Knick Knacks is the Arboretum’s very own charity shop.It is the perfect place to find a hidden treasure or give a home to an unwanted gift.

If you have any knick knacks you would like to donate we would be delighted to hear from you. Please note that we cannot accept electrical items or clothing.

Opening hours: 10am – 4pm (subject to volunteer availability, please check at reception)
Contact: 01283 792 333

Please note: All concessions are independent of the National Memorial Arboretum. Please contact individual concessions with specific questions.


Coffee cup
Rest in the Coffee Garden with a freshly brewed cup of coffee

Land Train
Hop on the land train to explore the Arboretum

Ubique Military Collection
Some of the many products avaliable to buy from the Ubique Military Collection

Knick Knacks
Purchase a pre loved bargain in Knick Knacks, our charity shop