Facilitated visits

Our Learning Team offers a wide range of opportunities including, ready prepared tours, workshops and bespoke packages for you, your school or group. All our activities are inclusive, non denominational and are accessible to all. They are designed to enhance any visiting group's Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSCD) and British Values.  FREE familiarisation visits are available to help you make the most of your visit, and all supervising staff are FREE!

Please note that costs are calculated per 25 students for all activities. 



New for 2018!

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Exhibition Activity – A fully interactive, differentiated team-based learning experience that uses our Landscapes of Life Exhibition. Pupils work in small teams and embark upon tasks designed to promote self-discovery and an awareness of other beliefs with specific reference to Remembrance. Pupils will have the chance to leave a video message in our diary booth of remembrance and also have access to our current art exhibitions. New for Spring 2018. (90 mins, £90 for groups of up to 25 pupils)

Tree Tour – A KS2 & 3 Science tour covering aspects of the National Curriculum for Science (Biology) whilst introducing pupils to the 150 acre National Memorial Arboretum. Pupils will learn about parts of plants and photosynthesis as well as other aspects of the curriculum specific to their Key Stage. We will also look at the symbolism of trees and what the different species here mean in terms of Remembrance. New for April/May 2018. (90 mins, £90 for groups of up to 25 pupils)

Geography Explorer Day – A KS2 Explorer Day that gives pupils a sound understanding of basic geographical map skills and cardinal points in order to explore the Naval memorials found on site and complete team based tasks. (1030-1415, £150 for up to 25 pupils)


Explorer Days £150 – 3 Hours

10.30am - 2.15pm with 45 minutes for lunch and the opportunity to visit to our shop. Please note there is no indoor lunch space available. The day is priced at £150 per 25 students, with a maximum of 100 students (4 groups) per day. This is a fully immersive day that combines a cross curricular classroom session, a guided tour that covers a selection of relevant memorials and an Act of Remembrance. The Explorer Day tours do not include the Armed Forces Memorial, which remembers members of the Armed Forces killed on duty, or as a result of terrorism since 1948.

Medal Explorer Day

Join our Learning Team for a cross curricular classroom activity where students explore the many different types of medals as well as the reasons behind them being awarded. The activity ensures that students learn about the symbolism behind a variety of medals (not just military). The activity involves discussion work and the sharing of thoughts and ideas with a theme of British values and public service running throughout. The activity culminates in students designing and making their own medals to present to someone (or an animal!) who has had a positive affect upon their lives. The tour incorporates some of our memorials associated with medals and the people that have been awarded them.
Suitable for all ages and abilities.

WWI Explorer Days

• KS1 & KS2 students will learn, through an interactive and creative activity, about the different roles and responsibilities of those involved in the conflict and will produce a WWI armband to take away.

• KS3 & KS4 students will learn about the different locations in which WWI took place, working as a team to discover more about real life service personnel from across the Empire.


WWII Explorer Days

• KS1 & KS2 students will learn about the life of an evacuee using clues and diary extracts. They will write a postcard home about their experiences in their new home in the countryside.

• KS3 & KS4 students will learn about the different experiences of groups and individuals in WWII from a global perspective, focusing on the Home Front, the War in Europe, the Holocaust and the War in the Far East.

British Heroes of the Holocaust

This activity explores the stories of British people, from very different backgrounds, who all took risks and showed great courage and determination in order to save the lives of Jewish people during the Holocaust. Each has now been awarded a medal as a ‘British Hero of the Holocaust’ by the UK government.
Key question: What motivated these British heroes to take a stand?
Learning Objectives: Students will identify reasons for the actions of some British heroes and why some people became rescuers during the Holocaust.
Suitable for KS3&4  


Recognising Genocide

This activity explores the Holocaust and touches on subsequent genocides and how they are planned and never just ‘happen’.
Key question: What are the ten stages of genocide?
Learning Objectives: Students will learn how to recognise genocide and discrimination. This challenges student’s views, encourages debate and promotes a culture of respect and tolerance.
Suitable for KS3&4 


Inspiration Days

This offer is aimed at students enrolled on qualifications with a coursework element. Our extremely knowledgeable guides will take your students on a bespoke tour of our memorials and trees to inspire them and ignite their creativity, based on the requirements of your syllabus. Following the tour, you will receive access to one of our fully equipped classrooms with IT and Smartboard facilities for your students to commence their coursework throughout the rest of your day here. We find that many students become far more productive when out of their normal school environment and this day would be ideal for any subject (music, drama, art, geography, photography, DT etc.) We recommend that you talk to one of our Learning Officers about your requirements before booking your Inspiration Day and that you should book one of our free familiarisation visits if this offer is of interest to you.
Suitable for all ages and abilities.


Poppy Activity £45 – 30 Minutes

One of our most popular activities, this is a thought provoking and interactive classroom session that helps students develop an understanding of the historic and symbolic significance of the Poppy. Participants learn about modern inclusive British Values with respect to Remembrance. Suitable for all ages and abilities.


Act of Remembrance £20 – 30 Minutes

This activity will help groups solidify their learning as students reflect on key themes and consolidate learning through performing an Act of Remembrance with readings and recitative. Suitable for all ages and abilities.


Guided Tour £90 – 90 Minutes

Our tours include a variety of memorials and provide an inspiring and thought provoking opportunity to better understand Remembrance. This can stimulate learning responses, such as creative writing and visual art. Leave it to us and we will take you on a tour with a mix of memorials from different conflicts and civil services. Tours can be based on a specific conflict such as WWI or WWII or on those memorials which represent Peace and Reconciliation. If you have a specific memorial you would like to visit, please note this on your booking form and we will endeavour to accommodate you. Our standard guided tour for KS1 and KS2 learners does not include Shot at Dawn but does include an age appropriate activity book.


Torch Lit Tour – £100 – 2 Hours

It’s dark, it’s a little scary and it’s not for the fainthearted. Be brave and visit us after hours for an exciting evening of both indoor and outdoor activities. A stimulating visit for youth organisations such as Brownies, Beavers, Scouts, Guides and Cadets. We are happy to accommodate investitures on the night. Available in November. Any two hours between 5pm and 8pm. Wrap up in plenty of warm layers and bring your own torch. National Memorial Arboretum torches are available for sale on the night.  Please note that there is no first aid cover on site during these tours.