A Day To Remember

Shining a spotlight on new and existing Arboretum groups offerings.

We are focusing on our brand-new for 2018 Wildlife Walks. These walks, up to 90 minutes long, will take visitors around the Arboretum site to discover some of the hidden wildlife, flowers and trees not usually seen on the regular memorial pathways. Led by one of our fantastic volunteers, these walks are great for nature-loving visitors who want to explore the seasonal changes within our vast 150 acre Arboretum.

Here is an insight into what groups are likely to expect, from our expert guide Richard Thorpe:


What can you expect to see on the Wildlife Walk?

We will explore different habitats such as woodland, grassland, rivers and ponds to enable us to enjoy the high level of biodiversity the Arboretum has to offer. We will also discuss different trees on site, their symbolism and how we manage the woodland as a growing Arboretum.

how does the wildlife walk differ from the normal guided walk?

The Wildlife Walk is great for groups to experience another side of the Arboretum. By taking the time to explore the Arboretum in a different way we have the chance to see it really come alive, emphasising that we really are a ‘living’ memorial. This walk is constantly changing throughout the different seasons, so you never know what you may see!

What is the most memorable thing you have seen on the walk?

The most memorable thing I have seen on the walk would definitely have to be a Kingfisher. It was flying over the river Tame and was just a beautiful sight.

How has the changing Arboretum benefited the wildlife?

Developing woodland has meant that our bird community has flourished and we see a much wider range of species now. Our site is so diverse with the range of different habitats we provide. The river is one such important habitat covered in the wildlife walks and we also greatly benefit from the nature reserve situated on the other side of the Tame.


Summarise the walk in 3 words

Informative, illuminating and relaxing.

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