Photography Competition 2017

From burgeoning woods, to flowing rivers and wild flower meadows, bursting with colour, our developing landscape is home to a growing variety of flora and fauna. This year, 20 years since planting began on the quarry scared landscape; our photography competition will celebrate our developing site and the inhabitants who now call it home.

The overall theme for the competition, which is open to entrants of all ages, is wildlife at the Arboretum. This could include mammals, birds, insects, plants, fish, flowers, trees, fungi, rivers, habitats and the landscape itself.

We are searching for images that meet our brief in four categories:

  1. Macro Photography – we want to celebrate all things great and small at the Arboretum, so the first challenge is to get up close to nature on our site, capturing the tiny details.

  2. Action Photography – Nature very rarely stands still, we would love you to capture its movement on site, such as a rabbit hopping, or plants swaying in the wind.

  3. Smartphone Photography – a shot of the Arboretum’s landscape and its nature. Thinking about the composition, why not show exactly what you can capture on your phone. The more imaginative the better.

  4. Creative Photography – It’s up to you. Your choice of what interests you about the nature at the Arboretum. You could use props, light photography, long exposures, or a simple snap shot that sum up your enjoyment of nature. It’s your choice.

Following the close of the competition the winning entries in each category, as well as a selection of shortlisted entries, will be exhibited at the Arboretum.

You can enter each of these challenges, but can submit no more than two photographs per challenge.

You can enter our photography competition between 1 February and 15 September 2017 (5pm). Entries after this date will not be accepted. All photographs must be your own work, and must be taken onsite at the Arboretum.

For further details about the competition, including competition terms and conditions, and to download our photograph competition entry form please click here.