A Spotlight On: Trees, Vitality and Identity

As humans it is said we not only draw our sense of vitality, energy, and purpose in life from what we like to call our natural environments, but also from the cultural worlds that we create around ourselves.

Trees have played an enormous part in both these fields of nature and culture and perhaps help us overcome that division. With the existence and significance of the 'wood-wide web', and of growing, walking, and being 'green' dawning on us, this months Spotlight On talk sees guest speaker Douglas Davies argue against rigid sense of individualism by supporting the collaborative awareness of our collective ecological identity. 

Douglas Davies has trained in both anthropology and theology and has taught at Nottingham and Durham Universities for many years. He has studied woodland burial, the re-use of old graves, cremation, human emotions, and rituals and symbols, as well as religious groups and their ideas of salvation. He is also a lifelong gardener with some quite old cactus 'friends'.

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National Memorial Arboretum
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