A Spotlight On: ‘Scream truth to the world’? Testimony as resistance in the Warsaw ghetto and Auschwitz

This year’s theme for Holocaust Memorial Day is ‘the power of words’, looking at testimony as resistance in the Warsaw ghetto and Auschwitz.

Join Dr Isabel Wollaston at the Arboretum to discuss the evidence of the power of words in a determination to dictate how actions will be remembered, what and whose stories will be told.

This talk examines two particularly effective attempts to ‘scream truth to the world’ about the atrocities taking place during World War II. The first regarding the The Ringelblum Archive, a collection of documents from the World War II Warsaw Ghetto, and the second being the recovered ‘buried texts’ of members of the Sonderkommando in Auschwitz.

This talk will discuss the significance of these collective acts of witnessing, and why they have only relatively recently emerged from the shadows and received widespread attention. 

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The Millennium Chapel
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