A Spotlight On: Germany and the First World War, 1918-2018

Join Dr Nicholas Martin from the University of Birmingham for a talk exploring why in Germany, in contrast to the UK, the First World War might be termed the Forgotten War.

The First World War occupies an almost invisible position on the margins of Germans’ historical awareness today. The First World War does not grip the popular imagination in Germany in the way that it does in Britain; and unlike in Britain, the centenary of the conflict is not generally regarded by either the German public or by German politicians as an occasion for national reflection.

Dr Martin's talk will examine this apparent reluctance in Germany to come to terms with the difficult history, memory and legacies of the First World War – while Germany’s Nazi past is conspicuously confronted by Germans. He aims to spotlight the singularities of German memory of the First World War in ways that may also illuminate our own memory of the conflict.

Dr Martin has had a passionate interest in the First World War for over forty years, since the time his grandfather, a veteran of the Somme and Ypres, used to tell him his ‘war stories’ on long, early morning walks. He was educated at Dulwich College and the University of Oxford, and now teaches German culture and history at the University of Birmingham, where he is also Director of the Institute for German Studies, which is part-funded by the Federal German government.


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