A Spotlight On: What Did Conscientious Objectors Do In The War?

Whilst their Peace Testimony meant that most Quakers were unable to serve in the Armed Forces during war time, many men and women instead volunteered for the Friends Ambulance Unit (FAU) and Friends Relief Service (FRS) helping those in distress around the world. Join Clare Collins and John Babb Trustees from the Quaker Service Memorial Trust to learn more about the fascinating work of this group of Conscientious Objectors during World War II.

The Quaker Service Trust is based in Staffordshire. In April 2013, the Quaker Service Memorial was dedicated onsite at the National Memorial Arboretum, it provides a space for reflection.  The memorial features six texts carved on four stone benches. The Religious Society of Friends were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947 for their record of service over the previous century.

Image: Members of the Friends Relief Service Team 124 en route to European Relief Work

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