Environment and Wildlife

The National Memorial Arboretum sits within the National Forest and contains a wide array of wildlife thanks to the many habitats within its boundaries. These include lakes, ponds, rivers, woodland, grassland, hay meadows, reed beds and wetland.

The site is home to a number of birds and animals highlighted in the Staffordshire Biodiversity Action Plan. These include the skylark, lapwing, brown hare, otter and several species of bat.

Nature lovers aged between eight and 14 years can join our Wildlife Watch Group supported by the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, which meets once a month.

The National Memorial Arboretum provides a stimulating environment in which to observe many aspects of nature while enjoying the tranquil beauty of the maturing woodland landscape. We manage the grounds with the conservation of our habitats and species very much in mind and encourage visitors to help by recording their wildlife sightings in our Visitor Centre logbook.

The River Tame is a particularly rich habitat. Here you’re bound to see swans and may be lucky enough to spot a kingfisher or oystercatcher. In summer the river and its banks are a haven for damselflies.

We arrange tree, bird and bat walks from time to time and, behind the shelter on Millennium Avenue, you’ll find a bird feeding area where many species enjoy an easy meal. Here we see different species of tits, finches and woodpeckers - even the occasional black redstart.

Around the Arboretum you’ll find many examples of hedge laying, willow sculpture and willow hedge construction, even a floating otter holt. This work has all been carried out by volunteers (public and corporate) and school groups.

The site boasts a wide range of special trees, of course, many chosen for symbolic reasons and offering a varied study of leaves, growth, uses and origin.

On the opposite bank of the River Tame is the Croxall Nature Reserve managed by the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. This also has many attractions for wildlife enthusiasts - visitors who wish to make a combined visit are welcome to use the car park and Visitor Centre facilities at the Arboretum.

Banded demoiselle damselfly