We aim to develop an ambitious plan to create an environment worthy of Remembrance, equal to our famous national parks and gardens.

Over the next 25 years the National Memorial Arboretum is developing an ambitious landscape master plan. The plan, to create a setting worthy of celebrating, will develop on the current landscape, as our initial collection of trees begins to reach maturity.

The master plan will include:

  • The current Arboretum site doubled in size to 300 acres
  • An inspiring new landscape with woodlands, lakes and water features
  • Organised footpaths and routes taking visitors directly where they want to go in a clear and logical way
  • Memorials arranged in meaningful groups with space to expand as demand grows
  • Principle memorials on sculptural mounds to act as gateways and landmarks
  • The Arboretum as part of an enhanced riverside landscape between Burton-on-Trent and Tamworth, known as 'Central Rivers'.


Proposed New Pathways

Artist's impression of landscaping