Arboretum welcomes Government consultation on plans to create a memorial to the British victims of overseas terrorism

25 January 2016

The Arboretum has welcomed the launch of a Government consultation regarding the location and design of a new national memorial to the British victims of overseas terrorism. 

Part of The Royal British Legion we recognize the importance of providing a central place where the Nation can remember victims of terrorism acts such as that which took place in Tunisia in 2015. It is thought that a fitting, well-designed memorial, in the Arboretum’s geographically central location, would provide an invaluable focal point, both for bereaved relatives and wider communities.

Tobias Ellwood MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, launched the consultation saying: “It is a sad fact that we live in very difficult and dangerous times. Sadly, there are victims of terrorism whose families do not have a place where they can grieve.

“It is therefore appropriate that we have a national memorial for those caught up in terrorism abroad. These people must never be forgotten and I encourage anyone who has been affected to have their say.”

Sarah Montgomery, managing director of the Arboretum, which is one of two locations being examined by the Government, said: “It would become a physical meeting place, at which all can come together to mourn their loss and to pay tribute to loved ones.  Ultimately, the memorial will play a vital role in encouraging us all to question the futility of terrorist acts and man’s periodic inhumanity to man. It will also offer a reminder of why our country must continue to play a leading role in making the world a safer place."

“Given the wide geographical spread of victims of terrorism and their families, we believe that the central location of the National Memorial Arboretum makes it an ideal host for the new memorial.  The site features modern, high quality visitor facilities, a place of worship and remembrance interpretation areas. Set in 150 acres, visitors will value the opportunity to contemplate in peace, in an evolving arboreal landscape.”

The Government’s online consultation form can be completed by any member of the public or on behalf of interested groups and organisations.  The deadline is Friday 4th March.